Dispute Funding Alignment

Now that you are ready to negotiate to resolve your dispute, conflict or matter, ADRResolve™ is ready to support your negotiation.

ADRResolve™ can save you valuable time, energy and money in your negotiation or other dispute resolution process by engaging you in online decision science analysis tailored to you and your dispute and delivered conveniently online. This analysis can involve asking questions, identifying objectives, prioritizing objectives, generating alternatives, and assessing risk. And, whether you and the other party decide to use a different dispute resolution process than negotiation directly with the other party or indirectly via your advocate, you will also enter that process better prepared.

Either you alone or both you and your advocate can participate in ADRResolve™. The communication and information shared during ADRResolve™ are confidential and do not create an attorney-client or professional relationship. Please note that during ADRResolve™, I provide neither legal, financial, therapeutic or other professional advice nor legal analysis with respect to your legal positions or rights. You should neither act nor refrain from acting on the basis of ADRResolve™ without seeking the appropriate legal or other professional advice on the particular facts and circumstances of your dispute and from an attorney or other professional licensed in your state or country. 

To learn more about the exceptional client opportunity and experience at Andrews Dispute Resolution, please feel free to Contact me and I would be delighted to discuss how I can help you refine resolution of your dispute.

Negotiation is a calling for all seasons ... for conflict situations are omnipresent in human and social relations.

— I. William Zartman

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