Electronic and Remote Online Notarization (RON)

Registered and Approved Electronic and Remote Online Notary by the Commonwealth of Kentucky Secretary of State

The state of Kentucky, United States of America, implemented KY Senate Bill 114 effective 1 January 2020, enacting the Revised Uniform Law on Notarial Acts, notarial acts for remotely located individuals and electronic (online) notarization. As a result, I limit my Signing Services to Electronic and Remote Online only.

I utilize Electronic and Remote Online Notarization (RON) to enable you virtual and remote document signing and notarization through a variety of computing and mobile devices to remove the need for an in-person appearance and its accompanying added costs, delays and inconvenience and to provide you flexibility, convenience, comfort, accommodation, privacy, security, ease of use, and time- and cost-savings without sacrificing quality of results. Such quality is achieved through software-enabled mandatory fields, video recording, strong and flexible multi-factor authentication options, digital signature enforceability and international compliance, and a highly detailed audit trail accompanying each set of documents.

For the privacy, security and benefit of my clients, I provide them the same secure Remote Electronic Notarization platform trusted by the Credit Union, Real Estate, Insurance and Annuities, Financial Services, Corporate, Education, Government and Health Care industries. 

To learn more about Electronic and Remote Online Notarization, please feel free to Contact me and I would be delighted to discuss how I can help you engage the benefits of Online Signing Services.

Notary Public State at Large (Kentucky, United States of America)

Appointed and Commissioned by the Commonwealth of Kentucky Secretary of State

A Notary Public in the Commonwealth of Kentucky is a public servant appointed by state government to witness the signing of documents and to administer oaths with the purpose of deterring fraud and ensuring proper execution. A Notary Public State At Large is a resident or non-resident of Kentucky who is appointed to perform notarial acts within the state of Kentucky, but these documents may be sent to other states for recording.

Certified Notary Signing Agent (Kentucky, United States of America)

National Notary Association-Trained (TRID Training and ALTA New Best Practices), -Certified and -Background-Screened and Member, and Loan Signing System-Trained and -Certified

A Certified Notary Signing Agent is a Notary Public professionally certified through licensing, training and background screening to provide mortgage finance and real property signing services. Remote online Signing Services include coordination of the online conference at which closing documents are signed; e-signing, transmission of closing documents; care, custody, and control of closing documents while in the possession of the Notary Signing Agent; presentation of closing documents to the parties for signatures; notarization of closing documents; and online supervision of the signing of documents by the parties.

A Notary Signing Agent maintains impartiality, privacy and confidentiality, and neither provides legal, financial, therapeutic or other professional or personal advice or services nor explains the terms of any closing document presented to the signer or provides legal analysis with respect to a signer's legal position or rights in connection with a signing assignment.

An incomplete signing or signing with errors can cost a rate lock, delay the closing of escrow, or wreak havoc on valuable client and colleague relationships. I act as an extension of you by conducting my signings to escrow standards, valuing and providing convenience to your client and colleague relationships, and recognizing the importance of the signer being comfortable signing the documents by patiently and deliberately moving the signer through the documents, providing a brief description of the the general purpose of each, directing any questions beyond that related to fees, rates or other loan-specific items to the lender, and contacting the lender or closing agent before making any changes or corrections to the documents. 

Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.

― Alexander Graham Bell



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