Mediation is a private, confidential and voluntary process where I, as a professional Mediator and neutral third person, can facilitate you and the other party in your effort to resolve your dispute or conflict, whether or not you or the other party are represented by an attorney. In Mediation, I am in control of the process and you are in control of the outcome, even if the mediation is ordered by a court, while I can enable you to describe your positions, discuss your interests, thoughts and feelings, exchange information, and explore options for resolving your dispute. I can facilitate you reducing your settlement terms to a Memorandum of Understanding. If the mediation is in the context of litigation, that Memorandum of Understanding can be filed with the court and end the litigation process.

I utilize Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) for Mediation to enable you virtual and remote communication through regularly 24/7 access from a variety of computing and mobile devices to remove or reduce the need for an in-person appearance at a court or dispute resolution center and to provide you and the other party outstanding accessibility, fairness, flexibility, convenience, comfort, accommodation, privacy, confidentiality, security, ease of use, document and image sharing, electronic signing, notification options and time- and cost-savings without sacrificing quality of opportunity and results. You and the other party to your dispute, rather than a judge or magistrate, have the control to resolve your dispute in a way that is mutually agreeable. Your case, if applicable, is typically dismissed upon the court’s approval of your Memorandum of Understanding and your satisfaction of any settlement obligations, such as payment.

For the privacy, security and benefit of my clients, I provide them the same Online Dispute Resolution platform trusted by courts, government agencies and nonprofit organizations to resolve many case and dispute types. 

During Mediation, both synchronous and asynchronous online communications in preparation meetings, private meetings and joint meetings are a convenient way to enable you to overcome barriers such as inflexible positions, strong emotions or lack of preparation and to enter and reenter Mediation prepared to effectively and efficiently resolve your dispute. Preparation meeting, private meeting, joint meeting and mediation communications are  private and confidential with parties and their attorneys. Relevant documents and images that facilitate the process can be uploaded in advance. Once a dispute resolution agreement has been reached, I can facilitate your preparing a Memorandum of Understanding for your attorney to review, if applicable, and for you to sign electronically and file with the court, if applicable. 

My Client Portal provides an unparalleled online client experience. You and the other party can conveniently and securely access the platforms and tasks tailored to the Services in which you are engaged with Andrews Dispute Resolution™. 

To learn more about the exceptional client opportunity and experience at Andrews Dispute Resolution™, please feel free to Contact me and I would be delighted to discuss how I can help you refine resolution of your dispute.

The most intense conflicts, if overcome, leave behind a sense of security and calm that is not easily disturbed.

― Carl Jung