Refining Dispute Resolution

Andrews Dispute Resolution™ is refining Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) by specializing in Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) to enable clients remote online access to dispute resolution, decision making, and dealmaking. My neutrality empowers parties through an efficient, effective, and ethical process, so they can achieve a peaceful resolution.

The service I provide can facilitate you in making optimal decisions that serve you well in these areas. People are generally not taught decision-making skills, except through observation and trial and error, and yet they often make complex decisions without such skills and the technology to process relevant data beyond what the human brain is capable.

My service is customized to each client, and includes Dispute Resolution Analysis either as a standalone process to facilitate resolving a dispute or making a decision or deal, or as part of the preparation and process of Negotiation or Mediation. Dispute Resolution Analysis is the core process, since sound decision-making skills are the foundation for success in these areas. To learn more about ADR, ODR, Dispute Resolution Analysis, Negotiation, and Mediation, please visit my Service page.

Andrews Dispute Resolution™ is refining dispute resolution processes and decision making to resolve disputes and make decisions and deals efficiently, effectively, and ethically.