Green Pledge

Andrews Dispute Resolution™ is a signatory to the World Mediators Alliance on Climate Change (WoMACC) Green Pledge. Mediation, as an efficient, effective and ethical process to resolve disputes and other differences, can be implemented to support our environment through our own behavior and practices as mediators.

Andrews Dispute Resolution™ Services as solely Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) services are already postured to successfully fulfill the promise of the Green Pledge, and have been featured on WoMACC’s Green Pledge: Examples in Practice page here

I am committed to minimizing the environmental impact of each mediation in which I am involved in the ways outlined in the Pledge, through environmentally engaged dispute resolution Services, as well as offsetting greenhouse emissions and deforestation via Tree-Nation’s Offset Website, Net Zero Team, and Plant Trees services and C02 Certified reforestation and conservation projects detailed here.

The Green Pledge is broad enough to allow mediators to make changes to their behavior and to lead the way in environmentally engaged mediating. It offers a foundation that mediators can build upon with their own further measures tailored to their practices.

Andrews Dispute Resolution’s
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Offsetting greenhouse emissions and deforestation

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