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Andrews Dispute Resolution™ is committed to offsetting both its website carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and deforestation by the dual solution of conservation and reforestation by participating in Tree-Nation’s Offset Website, Net Zero Team, and Plant Trees services. My website’s Offset Website label, CO2 Neutral Website, automatically compensates all the CO2 emissions my website generates by calculating my website’s emissions based on the number of visits it receives. Tree-Nation then plants the trees needed to offset them. The Net Zero Team service allows me to offset all the CO2 emissions of my company that are related to my team by providing a simple way to estimate my emissions while still being accurate and adapting to the size of my company. On a monthly basis, Tree-Nation plants my trees by carefully selecting the species that will offset the amount of CO2 corresponding to my chosen program. While having a strong focus on species well suited for carbon sequestration, the selection also aims to make my team discover new species and planting projects. Andrews Dispute Resolution™ also plants various types of species of trees throughout the world via the classic Plant Trees service.

Generally, every action that is carried out online releases a few grams of CO2 into the atmosphere. Certain actions, such as cloud computing and video conferencing, especially high definition, contribute to higher internet power consumption than others, such as audio or messaging conferencing. 

Because many factors influence the amount of CO2 a tree can capture, such as its species, variety, region and climate where it’s planted, among other factors, Tree-Nation has developed their own method to provide a CO2 value per unique tree so they can link my support to both CO2 and trees. Their estimates are meant to be cautious and by design slightly lower than actual figures so that I can claim the offset values with peace of mind.

You can learn more by visiting The Forest of Andrews Dispute Resolution here.

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