Dispute Resolution Analysis

I offer this Service to facilitate clients in preparing to resolve a dispute or to make a decision or deal, since sound decision-making skills are the foundation for success and technology can process relevant data beyond what the human brain is capable.

In the dispute context, Dispute Resolution Analysis can facilitate clients in assessing their resolution readiness before they even decide which dispute resolution process to pursue. If clients are ready to resolve, Dispute Resolution Analysis facilitates preparing them for the negotiation and resolution of their dispute in whichever dispute resolution process they pursue. And, whichever process clients decide to pursue, they will enter that process better prepared after having engaged in such an analysis. I can also facilitate advocates in more fully informing their clients about Negotiation, Mediation, and a broader analysis of their dispute and its resolution. Further, I can facilitate other Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) practitioners in refining their dispute resolution process by integrating my Dispute Resolution Analysis Service as part of the preparation and negotiation aspects of their process.

Dispute Resolution Analysis is a private, confidential, and voluntary process that does not create an attorney-client or professional relationship. During Dispute Resolution Analysis, I provide neither legal, financial, therapeutic or other professional advice nor legal analysis with respect to clients’ legal positions or rights. Clients should neither act nor refrain from acting on the basis of Dispute Resolution Analysis without seeking the appropriate legal or other professional advice on the particular facts and circumstances of their dispute and from an attorney or other professional licensed in their state or country. 

My Dispute Resolution Analysis Service is provided via Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) to enable clients remote online access and the efficiency and effectiveness that can bring to resolving their dispute or making a decision or deal through a professional process involving significant preparation and sophisticated platforms.

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