Appointed a Member of the ABA Dispute Resolution Section ODR Task Force Working Group III

I am honored to be appointed a Member of the American Bar Association (ABA) Dispute Resolution Section Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) Task Force Working Group III, Guidance with Respect to Special Issues Relating to ODR.

Working Group III is developing standards for the application of technology to dispute resolution processes and practices to enable equitable high quality access to justice and to relationship healing processes. The standards developed by Working Group III, along with standards developed by both Working Group I, Guidance with Respect to Best Practices and Institutions’ Involvement in Establishing and Regulating Such Practices, and Working Group II, Guidance with Respect to Special Issues Relating to Court ODR, are intended to be the basis for overreaching standards to advance the availability, use and quality of ODR.

The Task Force is expected to have an initial term of 16 months with extensions possible as its work progresses. It is an honor to join such esteemed colleagues in this exciting effort.